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Air quality before, during the pandemic and after the release of the measures

24. 06. 2021  |  Air

In connection with strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, reports of significant improvements in air quality spread around the world last year. The reason for the decrease in concentrations of nitrogen dioxide in the air was mainly due to the restriction in mobility. However, with the relaxation of measures, air quality is returning to the old ways. This is evidenced by footage from the Copernicus program.

Let us help you with the plan

03. 05. 2021  |  Air

The aim of the LIFE IP – Air Quality Improvement project  is to improve the implementation of programs to improve air quality in Slovakia. In this context, the positions of regional air quality managers have been established, who are currently working with representatives of state and local authorities to prepare new air quality management plans.

How to avoid air pollution on the way to school

26. 04. 2021  |  Mobility

In connection with the gradual relaxation of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, mass school opening is long awaited. However, in addition to the risk of coronavirus infection, pupils and students may face an "old-new" threat in the form of poor air quality when they start school.

Minister Budaj presented the green Recovery Plan for Slovakia

10. 03. 2021  |  Uncategorized

The European Recovery Plan will bring Slovakia additional investments worth almost 6 billion euros in the green economy, health, education, science and research, as well as public administration and digitization. Slovakia will receive one billion euros from the Recovery Plan to improve the environment and human health.

New points on the map

08. 03. 2021  |  Air

The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMI) is currently installing new automatic monitoring stations (AMS) in localities not yet covered by monitoring as part of the project Improving the National Air Quality Monitoring Network.

There's something in the air

24. 02. 2021  |  Air

High concentrations of air pollutants have a significant impact on public health in Slovakia. Long-term exposure to dust particles increases the incidence of asthma, cardiovascular problems, lung diseases and consequently leads to premature death. However, despite improvements, the situation is still not good.

Slovakia is facing lawsuit for insufficient air quality protection

18. 02. 2021  |  Air

The European Commission is bringing an action against Slovakia to the European Court of Justice for exceeding the limit value for particulate matter and for failing to take appropriate measures to improve air quality.

How to behave in a smog situation

12. 02. 2021  |  Air

In the event of a short-term but extreme deterioration of air quality, the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute declares the so-called smog situation. When does it happen, how do you find out about it and what to do in case of a smog situation?

First year successfully behind us despite unpredictable obstacles

16. 12. 2020  |  Uncategorized

First year of LIFE IP - Air Quality Improvement project was meant for self-education and mapping. At the start of december, a second monitoring visit by NEEMO, organization responsible for monitoring LIFE projects, took place online due to COVID-19 situation.

Minister Budaj: People deserve true information about air quality

11. 11. 2020  |  Awareness

Unsatisfactory air quality in Slovakia can also stem from insufficient awareness. Minister of Environment Ján Budaj introduced new web application, which aims to inform public on air quality in Slovakia in a simple, comprehensible way.