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First year successfully behind us despite unpredictable obstacles

16. 12. 2020  |  category icon 1 Uncategorized

First year of LIFE IP - Air Quality Improvement project was meant for self-education and mapping. At the start of december, a second monitoring visit by NEEMO, organization responsible for monitoring LIFE projects, took place online due to COVID-19 situation.

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Effective air quality management 2020 conference is cancelled

28. 09. 2020  |  category icon 2 Uncategorized

Conference is cancelled and postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in infected cases.

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Introducing national network of air quality managers

20. 08. 2020  |  category icon 3 Uncategorized

Meet the team ready to improve the air quality in Slovakia. Air Quality Manager positions were established to strengthen capacities and competencies of regional and local authorities and enhance the implementation of Air Quality Management Plans.

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Ongoing LIFE IP – Air Quality Improvement project carries on despite work restrictions in Slovakia

30. 04. 2020  |  category icon 4 Uncategorized

On January 1, 2020 the LIFE IP – Air Quality Improvement project was launched with a clear vision to improve the air quality in Slovakia by implementing a set of measures dependent on project partners around the country.