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Let us help you with the plan

03. 05. 2021 Ovzdušie

The aim of the LIFE IP – Air Quality Improvement project  is to improve the implementation of programs to improve air quality in Slovakia. In this context, the positions of regional air quality managers have been established, who are currently working with representatives of state and local authorities to prepare new air quality management plans.


Air Quality Management Plans are prepared for each zone in which the so-called air quality management area - a location where the measured concentration of a pollutant in the air exceeds a limit or target value for health protection. The documents should contain a set of measures for the lasting achievement of good air quality in the given area, deadlines and responsibilities of the entities in their implementation.

The role of air quality managers is to cooperate in the preparation of draft measures in the region in cooperation with state institutions, local government, industry, education, NGOs and the public.

Announcements of the start of preparations for the release of plans have so far been published by the district offices of Bratislava, Trenčín and Košice. In the Trnava Region and Nitra Region zones, air quality management areas were not defined for 2020.

You can find a deduction of the measures of past programs within the web application in the relevant zone or agglomeration. Databases of measures for the Košice agglomeration and the Trnava Region, Trenčín Region, Prešov Region, Košice Region zones are currently available, and more will be added on an ongoing basis.

Updated: The Banská Bystrica District Office also published an announcement about the start of preparations for the release of the air quality improvement program at the beginning of June.